Kamila Sisu is an internationally renowned creative director, producer, electronic music artist and entrepreneur. As a professional pianist, graduated from the conservatory of music, she makes her own original music by shaping sounds using 5D touch expressive surface of modern instrument called Seaboard. Kamila Sisu has developed her unique musical style playing astonishingly soothing songs on a next-generation keyboard, creating new magical sounds and experimenting with binaural beats.

Well-known for her soundtrack music composed in solfeggio frequencies and soothing digital content that helps people relax and experience positive emotions.

Kamila Sisu is a founder and CEO of Sisu Digital Media Production, helping individuals and companies present their written content in a form of beautiful cinematic lyric videos that people love watching. World #1 author of Relaxing Music Videos Creator (web application) for waiting rooms and office reception areas. Her digital products help companies & medical practices relax customers and developing the quality of people’s life by the power of audiovisual forms.

Global educator known for being the founder of Sisu Relaxation – the world’s #1 playlist educating people about the power of sound. Kamila Sisu is also the author of bestselling web applications for waiting rooms, dental clinics, spa centres, medical practices, and office reception areas that help soothe anxious clients, reduce stress from longer procedures, make waiting areas more pleasant, beautiful and full of wonderful audiovisual experiences.

Enthusiast of black color, drone flights, nature, penthouses, sustainable houses, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, vegan diet, fruits, vegetables and lucid dreams.


I used to be a girl making music in the dark until I discovered…

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One video tells more than million words.